Saturday, February 14, 2009

Starting Out: The List

Career and Financial
1. Pay off credit cards
2. No eating out for a month
3. No Subway for one month
4. Say 'Welcome to Pride' to every customer for one shift
5. Leave debit card at home for one month
6. Put at least $100 in Savings every month

Soul and Peace of Mind
7. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice through
8. Participate in a charity walk
9. Send out Christmas cards – at least 25
10. Leave a $20 tip for a meal under $20 twice.
11. Donate blood
12. Do not accept plastic bags for 1 month
13. Donate $5 for every task not completed to Memere's soup kitchen
14. Volunteer at Meme’s soup kitchen
15. Pay for the person behind me in a drive through
16. Take a picture of myself every month and put them together when the list is done
17. Send flowers to 3 people just because

Intellectual and Personal Development
18. Get associates degree and/or Graduate STCC and/or Transfer to a REAL school
19. Learn how to tie a tie
20. Learn how to drive stick
21. Get proficient in HTML….again
22. Make Dean's list
23. Get my motorcycle permit
24. No TV or internet for a consecutive week
25. Renew my CPR Certification
26. Drive the posted speed limit NOT ONE MILE OVER for one solid month
27. Get my Network+ and Security+ certifications

Health and Physical Development
28. Work out at least once a week
29. Go to bed by 11:00 on weeknights for one month
30. Take a yoga class
31. Go running at least three times a week for a month.
32. Replace lunch with a salad for one month
33. Be able to run a 5K
34. Floss daily for a month
35. Get a PCP (Primary Care Physician)
36. Get a Physical
37. Go three months without drinking
38. Tan

Domestic Life
39. Offer to do grocery shopping for mom for one month
40. Make a gourmet desert (Éclair, Baked Alaska, etc.)
41. Redecorate my room
42. Paint my bedroom by myself
43. Keep room/basement clean for one month AT ALL TIMES
44. Get a pet
45. Learn to make Sushi
46. Wax my car

47. Go to a NASCAR race
48. See two roadside attractions
49. See the Pacific Ocean
50. Go to an aquarium
51. Go to a zoo
52. See a Cirque du Soleil show
53. See Bodies Revealed
54. Go to Madaam Tousoueds Wax Museum
55. Go to an auto show
56. Go into a cavern
57. Go on a cruise
58. Take a tour of the White House
59. Go to two national parks outside of New England
60. Go to San Francisco
61. Get a passport
62. Travel overseas (Any country will do)

63. Hold a Koala
64. Fly a plane
65. Find 3 item Geocaching
66. Spa Day
67. Go skydiving
68. Go whitewater rafting
69. Go canoeing
70. Go camping
71. Bowl a 180
72. Play a game of tennis
73. Read all the Harry Potter books again
74. See at least half of AFI’s top 100 movies
75. Read the LotR trilogy

76. See Fleetwood Mac and/or Stevie Nicks in Concert
77. Go to a live comedy show
78. See a Broadway play
79. Be on a game show or in the audience
80. Go to another Patriot's game
81. Be in the Audience at the taping of Ellen

Trying New Things
82. Send a secret to Post Secret
83. Become some kind of consultant (Jafra, Avon, etc.)
84. Play 18 holes of golf
85. Hail a cab
86. Go skinny-dipping, legit (Natural bodies of water, not swimming pools)
87. Pay for something at a store with a check
88. Complete 1000 piece puzzle
89. Learn Sign Language
90. Be vegetarian for a week
91. Make $25 recycling cans/bottles
92. Try my hand at Cosplaying
93. Make my own Egg Nog

94. Go 48 hours without Chloe (my Blackberry)
95. Win something
96. Keep my LUCKY bamboo plant alive
97. No coffee for a week
98. No Starbucks for a month
99. Maintain the Blog relating to my list and post at least once a week
100. Take a picture for at least 50 of the items on my list
101. Make up my own recipe